Ljudmila Z

I know Dr Lazarov for a long time. I had problems with stability of my dentures because of the jaw bone shrinkage . In 2005 he offered me a treatment with the novel for that time basal implants.

Now nearly 8 years later I fill extremely comfortable with my teeth and I am very happy that I took the decision to go for this treatment 8 years ago.


Bogdan L

Dr Lazarov has been caring for me for more than 15 years. Recently I had experiencing problems with my upper denture, it became loose. Dr Lazarov offered to provide me with fixed teeth on implants just in few days. I had implants placed by him 7 years ago in the lower jaw and I was very satisfied, so I decided do go for that.

Now I can say that it was like miracle for me. I came one day morning, I got few Implants placed, no blood, no pain, no swelling at all. On the day after I had my new teeth permanently fixed. It was so fast, I didn’t have time to realize what actually happened.


Milkana B

I can say Dr. Lazarov is accomplished professional in what he is doing.


Uljana K

I had been wearing partial dentures for decades. Eventually I ended up with all my remaining teeth failed. I saw few dentists for advice what to do. All of them had been explaining to me that I had my jaw bones lost because of the dentures. They told me that I can’t have implants placed without additional bone build up procedures.

My son brought me to Dr Lazarov. He offered to me to replace all my decayed teeth with implants in one go without any additional procedures and few days later to provide me with fixed teeth. I entrusted him my health and now nearly one year later I want to say big “Thank you” to Dr. Lazarov for everything what he had done for me.


Pavleta L

For some time I had problems with my upper teeth. I went to see couple of dental specialists to try to solve my problem. They all offered me complex treatments with multiple visits. For me treatments with many visits is not acceptable, I am very busy running my business. My daughter advised me to see Dr. Lazarov. He proposed to me a treatment with implants just in three visits.

It was great, because I was able just after few days to get back to work.





On 17.09.2013 /Tuesday/ I attended Dr. Lazarov’s office. Even though I made myself familiar with the proposed treatment, from the web page and from the Dr.Lazarov personally, I was nervous about the procedure. On the same day Dr. Lazarov installed 17 basal implants immediately after extraction of my last 7-8 ailing teeth. All that happened under local anesthesia, but I didn’t experience so much pain or discomfort, because Dr. Lazarov informed me about each procedure that follows. On the next day/Wednesday/ Dr. Lazarov let me to rest. On Thursday 19.09.2013, metal try in was done, on Friday- ceramic try in, and on Saturday-unbelievable- I was with new, very stable, functional and beautiful teeth. Two hours later I was able to eat as I am with my own teeth. On 29.09.2013 I came for a check up and Dr. Lazarov said that everything is fine and that he doesn’t expect any further complications.

So just for 3-4 visits I can eat normally, I can talk normally and not least I can smile, which I didn’t do often before.

Thanks ever so much Dr. Lazarov for all that you did for me. I am proud that irrespective of a hardship in Bulgaria, there are still such professional and warm-hearted people like you, who work and live here. I wish you all the best and prosperous winds in what you are doing for the sake of all that had chosen and have chance to be treated by you.   Thank you!











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