Dental treatment contract

Upon beginning of a treatment it is assumed that we engage in a civil contract with the leading doctor. The contract is undefined and in its nature it resembles a service contract. There is no written form of the contract and a specific will is not required. The contract is assumed to be valid from the moment that the doctor has agreed to accept, examine or consult the patient.


The contract does not oblige the doctor to achieve a concrete result but obliges him of due behavior according to the contemporary achievements of the medical science, ethics and deontology and the current legislation. An imperative obligation of the doctor is not to cause any harm as well as not to act without the patient’s consent. The patient can revoke the contract at any stage of the treatment process. The doctor can not refuse medical assistance in emergency cases except in cases of factual inability or due to the action of and irresistible force. The contract between doctor and patient is terminated with the completion of the treatment process. In case of hospital treatment a party in the contract is the medical institution-legal entity.

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