Warranty of treatment with dental implants

We are just performers in a play conducted by the nature”


The warranty in the first 12-18 months after the implant insertion.


What is osteoadaptation?


In its entity, the dental implant procedure is an invasive procedure. That means, after implant insertion, the tissues (the bone in particular), will start to react in certain way, as a response to that stimulus. By the processes of modeling and remodeling the bone will react to the injury inflicted by the implant insertion procedure in one hand, and will start to adapt itself to the new functional demands, imposed by the reestablishment of the normal chewing function in the other hand.


The cascade of the bone adaptive mechanisms, to the newly inserted implants and related to this change in function, is called osteoadaptation.


These mechanisms are more pronounced during the first 12-18 months.


It is very important to be understood, that this mechanisms are strictly biologic in its nature, and as such they are hardly to be controlled. But they can be closely monitored and if necessary, appropriate corrective measures will be taken. That is the ground for the importance of the regular follow ups.


After 12-18 months, when the processes of osteoadaptation gradually decrease, we can say, that we have successfully achieved a functionally stable condition.


As your treating clinician, I can guaranty you, that I will make every effort towards achievement of a successful and long lasting treatment outcome. Of course the dental implant treatment process is a bipartite process, clinician – patient, that’s why good results could be expected and achieved only with active patient co-operation.


The cost of all necessary corrective procedures in the first postoperative year, are included in the price of the initial treatment plan.


Lifetime warranty


After the initial treatment has been completed successfully and a stable state has been achieved, you might ask yourself what you need to observe while living with the dental implants. You already know the importance of regular check-ups, recall sessions and possibly corrections performed by qualified dentist. We would like to invite you to appear for this regular appointments, and we would also like to give you an idea of the cost of these appointments. At the same time, we would like to offer you a warranty, based on regular and positive patient co-operation, which will help you ensure the preservation of the treatment results achieved so far.


For details about lifetime warranty please contact me by using the contact form.

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