About me

DDM dr. Aleksandar Lazarov – Certified dental implantologist


Born on 28.05.1973 in Sofia,Bulgaria


In 1998 Dr. Aleksandar Lazarov graduated at  Medical University- Sofia, Bulgaria







From 2005 he works in the field of dental implantology.






From 11. 2008- to 11.2009 he has successfully completed the clinical Multi-System Implantology Year Course on Bone Grafting & Augmentation techniques and Surgical and Restorative aspects of implantology with special reference to Astra Tech, Ankylos/Dentsply and ITI/Straumann Dental Implant Systems at Trafford General Hospital Manchester, UK.

Course director Cemal Ucer, BDS,MSc,PhD,Orel Surgeon, Proffesor of Dental Implantology







In 2010 he has completed Master Course in GBR and Sinus Grafting Procedures at University of Bern, Switzerland,Department of Oral Surgery and Stomatology.

Course director Prof.Dr. Daniel Buser.






From 2005 and on, he has visited series of clinical courses in the field of Basal Implantology headed by Prof.Dr. Stefan Ihde. On many of them has been clinical assistant during the practical sessions.





Apart from his deep interests in Dental Implantology, dr. Lazarov is interested in Dental Aesthetics and in the research of Dental Occlusion and its impact on the Stomatognatic system.





From 1998 he is a member of BDU( Bulgarian Dental Union)

From 2008 he is licensed by GDC to practice dentistry in UK

From 2008 to 2010 he was member of :

ADI UK( Association of Dental Implantology UK)

ITI( International Team for Implantology)

BDA UK ( British Dental Association)

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