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Aesthetic dentistry

Dental care can be defined by the health, function and aesthetic (HFA) triad.

The primary aim of any therapy is resolution of disease, resolution in a state of well-being. It is important to realize the hierarchy of this triad, attainment of health, followed by function, followed by aesthetics. One can achieve health without function or aesthetics, and both health and function are possible without aesthetics. However, aesthetics is not possible if the first two, function and health are absent.

The clinical sequence of the HFA triad is paramount for durability, longevity and success of all dental treatment.

Pure ceramic restorations in one visit.

The advent of CAD/CAM technology opens a new era in restorative dentistry. With the help of clinical CAD/CAM machines it is already possible the manufacturing of full ceramic restorations in few hours during one clinical appointment.

The full ceramic restorations have the following advantages:

  • superior biological acceptance – the ceramic is the only material in the field of dentistry with not known allergies.
  • No patho-galvanisation- that is low electrical current between two different metals in the mouth. That is very often side effect related to metal containing restorations. It could cause array of pathological effects like blue staining of the gums around the restoration, metal taste in the mouth, some gums problems in general.
  • Hi strength- there are few types of ceramics for CAD/CAM Cerec available. The strongest out of them is Li-Di silicate ceramic, what is five time stronger than conventional ceramics used in metal-caramic restorations.