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Implant dentistry

Dental implant treatment of patient with partially or totally missing teeth in two or three visits.

It is irrelevant if it is about healed areas or areas with still presenting bad teeth, the treatment can be accomplished in up to three visits. When bad teeth are still presenting, the dental implants are placed immediately after extractions.

При пациенти с частична загуба на зъби, когато някои от зъбите ще бъдат съхранени, при необходимост се провежда т.нар. „предварителна санация на пациента“. Това са терапевтични мероприятия, които целят подобряването състоянието на оставащите зъби и свързаните с тях структури – complex treatment.

Dental implant treatment of patients with very advanced, non-recoverable periodontal disease in just three visits

Periodontal disease is a disease of tooth supporting structures. Left untreated, this disease advances to complete loss of teeth. In the advanced stages of periodontal disease the patient quality of life is deteriorated because of the loose, ailing teeth, frequent inflammations in the mouth, bad breath and loss of normal chewing function.

Because of the specific properties of BOI implants, these implants can be placed directly after removal of diseased teeth, without any additional risk of complications. Even on the contrary, this approach is characterized with slightly better results than traditional approaches.

See “clinical cases” or “publications”.

Immediate treatment of failing implants

Nowadays more and more patients are being treated with dental implants. Unfortunately some of the implants failed.

Early complications after dental implant placement.

Some implants can be “rejected” from the body in the first few post-operative months.

The traditional approach is to wait few months, for the area of failed implant to heal properly and then to place new dental implant if the bone is still available.

Such patients can be treated immediately with BOI implants, where the failed implants will be replaced immediately with new BOI implant. Thus, in any time, the patient chewing function will be preserved.

Late complications after dental implant insertion

In few cases, months, even years after the implant insertion, inflammation can occur around some of the implants. This inflammation can reside just in the soft tissues around the implants – periimplant mucositis, or the inflammation can progress further into the bone around the implants – periimplantitis. If the periimplantitis left untreated it will progress until the complete implant failure.

In such cases the affected conventional implants can be immediately replaced by basal implants and the patients chewing function will not be affected at any time.