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Therapy of occlusion. Gnathology

Gnathology is the study of masticatory system, including its physiology, functional disturbances, and treatment. Because it is not part of dental school training, most is learned by participating in ‘study clubs” with mentors with much experience. Gnathology is doing extremely accurate dentistry, verifying the work as it progresses, applying all well founded gnathological principles, and rechecking the work continually.

The masticatory system is composed of a series of interconnected anatomic elements including the teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and muscles. All these structural elements are unified and guided by the Central nervous system.

Occlusion is the final substrate of interaction between the structural elements of the Stomatognathic system governed by the CNS.

The study of Occlusion is a subdivision of the Gnathology, what deals in particular with the dental occlusion and its place and role in the Stomatognathic system. We as dental practitioners can treat functional disturbances in the chewing organ predominantly by intervening in the dental occlusion. The main goal is achieving the bilateral, balanced occlusion in harmony with the other structural elements of the Stomatognathic system.